Lucia Leuci
Family Drawings
Press Release


Lucia Leuci
Family Drawings
December 21, 2018 - January 3, 2019

Unit110 is pleased to present Family Drawings, Lucia Leuci’s first solo project in the United States, in collaboration with Zoë De Luca. The work consists of drawings in a poster format, pasted with glue, soil and rose flowers over the windows and the walls of the exhibition space.

The little girl becomes a mother, the mother was a little girl.

Family Drawings represents scenes of motherhood. Bold black brush strokes and incisive signs create sharp contrasts, pointing at the truth, the lie, the beautiful and the ugly. Leuci is drawn to female figures: she depicts the deep bond between mothers, daughters, and sisters - the meanings and experiences that are handed down through generations. She is interested in the shared ancestral experiences; somatic and psychic characters that are present and more developed in our ancestors.

What does it mean to be a mother, an artist, a feminist? Family Drawings continues previous works by Lucia Leuci, that appear both personal and political by expressing intimate feelings toward the maternal. She challenges patriarchal assumptions and societal notions of mothering, restructuring their narration. Working across a range of media, Leuci conveys her own feelings of feminist motherhood and sisterhood in late modernity.

Lucia Leuci (1977, Bisceglie) is a visual artist based in Milan. She mainly works with sculpture and installation, drawing and painting as a primary necessity. Through the combinations of elements and materials research, she currently investigates the theme of motherhood and the meaning of being “Creole” at present time. Her work has been shown both nationally and internationally, most recently at Curated by Lolita, Paris; Polansky Gallery, Prague; Adolfo Pini Foundation, Milan; Tile project space, Milan; 63rd-77th STEPS, Bari. Lately she took part in the residency program at Museu de Angra do Heroísmo, Terceira, Azores Islands.

Zoë De Luca (1989, Conegliano) is an independent curator based in Milan. Her work mostly focuses on cross-disciplinary and archive-based research, analyzing and supporting new artistic practices. She’s founder and editor-in-chief of DIORAMA editions, an independent editorial project; she’s co-founder and curator of Siliqoon, an art label devoted to the production and the promotion of contemporary art. In 2018 she launched PANORAMA Milano, a digital archive of studio visits and conversations with artists based in Milano. A member of Journalists’ Association’s Special Register, she wrote for CURA., Day Off Mag, Domus, Flash Art Italia, L’Officiel, PIZZA, and often collaborates with other editorial and artistic projects.